Mittal Panday Scholarship Girls [Graduate]

The above scholarship scheme was earlier known as Mittal Panday Scholarship (Girls). The scheme has since been renamed as Mittal Panday Scholarship Girls [Graduate) after an interactive session of the Trustees of Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust & members of the Scholarship Committee of the Trust was held on 11.01.2020 with the recipients of Mittal Panday Scholarship (Girls). The suggestions given in the interactive session were discussed in the Scholarship Committee meeting held on 07.07.2020 & the same were approved by the Trustees in the meeting held on 11.07.2020 after incorporating the suggested changes. The salient features of the revised Mittal Panday Scholarship Girls [Graduate] are as under:

Eligibility criteria:
  1. The applicant for the scholarship should be a student of 1st Year B.A./B. Com/B.Sc./others (Degree Courses) & BCA/BBA/B. Tech./B.Ed./others (Professional courses).
  2. The Income of parents should not exceed Rs.5.00 lakhs per annum. The certificate of income of the parents from the employer or an affidavit incase self-employed duly attested by Notary Public has to be submitted along with the prescribed application form (Annexure A), duly recommended by the Principal.
  3. The student should have secured minimum 70% marks in Class 10+2. For the scholarship to continue till completion of graduation the student has to obtain minimum 60% marks every year. In the event of failure to score this percentage, the scholarship will be withdrawn.
  4. The student should not be a recipient of any other scholarship or financial aid from the Govt. or non-Govt. agencies.
  5. The benefit of the scholarship should be allowed up to a maximum of two members in a family.
General Guidelines
  1. The scholarship is given to the students of the following Women’s Colleges of Ludhiana city.
    1. Arya College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana.
    2. Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana.
    3. Govt. Girls’ College, Civil Lines, Ludhiana.
    4. Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town, Ludhiana.
    5. Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Model Town, Ludhiana
    6. Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women, Ludhiana.
    7. D.D. Jain Memorial College for Women, Kidwai Nagar, Ludhiana.
    8. Ramgarhia Girls College, Miller Ganj, Ludhiana.
    9. S.D.P. College for Women, Near Daresi Ground, Ludhiana.
    10. SCD Govt. College for Boys, Ludhiana
  2. The student will apply for the scholarship in her own handwriting giving all the necessary details about the family as per specimen enclosed. (Annexure A).
    After the scrutiny of the application forms, a convenient date is fixed for the Scholarship Committee constituted by the Trust to hold a meeting for the grant of scholarships to the deserving students.
  3. The scholarship is given to old & new students who are found eligible by the Committee.
  4. Generally, each college is granted two scholarships for Degree Courses & two scholarships for Professional Courses, but it can increase or decrease depending on the merits of the case.
  5. In order to meet the commensurate educational needs of the students inline with the academic courses being pursued by them, the fee structure applicable to Degree/Professional Courses was collected from Govt./Private Colleges for girls. Based on the information so collected, the amount of Scholarship was decided as under.
    1. For students of Degree Courses (BA, B.Sc., B.Com. & others) Rs.15,000/- per year or Actual whichever is lower.
    2. For students of Professional Courses (BCA, BBA, B.Ed., B.Tech. & others) Rs.20,000/- per year or Actual whichever is lower.
  6. The scholarship cheque is issued in favor of College. The scholarship is given to the awardees once a year in the month of November at the time of Sat Paul Mittal National Award function.
  7. It is hoped that the above scheme would help to meet the appropriate educational needs of the students, pursuing degree/ professional courses at the Graduate level.

Note : Decision of the Trust will be final.