Nehru Scholarship [Armed Forces] (2019)

A MOU was signed on 10th Nov, 2018 in the presence of General Bipin Rawat between Adjutant General Branch, Integrated HQ of Ministry of Defence (Army) and Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust, Ludhiana. Based on this MOU and subsequent meeting in Delhi & correspondence exchanged between the Trust and Rehabilitation & Welfare Section, DIAV, the final scholarship policy for NEHRU SCHOLARSHIP (ARMED FORCES) emerged, as under.

  1. Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust will provide Scholarships towards education of 100 children of Indian Army Soldiers who die in harness (Physical casualties).
  2. The Trust shall have the absolute right (in its sole discretion) to change/modify/revise and/or discontinue the scholarship depending upon the requirement of the Trust and/or decision of its Board of Trustees. The Trust shall give a notice of at least 60 days before changing / modifying / revising and / or discontinuing the scholarship and such change / modification / revision and / or discontinuation of the scholarship will be applicable from the next Academic Session. The contribution amount of scholarship for subsequent financial year if any and so decided by The Trust shall be communicated to the Directorate by the Trust separately by a letter. The scholarship amount will be given by way of cheque in favour of Army Central Welfare Fund (Corpuses).
  3. The contribution shall be utilized as per details specified below: -
    Sr No. Purpose Amount/Year Eligibility
    (a) Education Scholarship: -
    1. Class I to VIII
    2. Class IX TO XII
    1. Rs 10,000.
    2. Rs 14,000.
    As per eligibility conditions enumerated in Para 4 below
  4. Eligibility Criteria:
    • The student should have passed in all the subjects & promoted to next class.
    • There is no bar on the number of children per family.
    • Copies of 100 application forms (as received by Rehabilitation & Welfare Section (Corpus)) duly signed by the Principal of the school in which the children are studying will be forwarded to the Trust. These forms would be of children, preferably girls studying in class I to V based on the results of academic year 2018-19. Thereafter an effort will be made by Director (Corpus) to forward applications of the same children every year, till they finish schooling. However, the children can be different depending on the applications received by Director (Corpus). A list of the applications would also be sent to the Trust in the following format: -
      Sr.No. Name of Child Army No, Rank Name, Category and Operation Address & Contact No. Current Class %of Marks in Previous Class Amount Remarks
    • The Trust will scrutinise the applications and the amount for the approved applications + 5% as administrative expenses would be transferred by cheque in favour of Army Central Welfare Fund (Corpuses).
    • Unexpended amount from 5% administrative component will be utilized for the welfare of wards and widows of death in harness cases, in next financial year.
    • After disbursal of amount, the list of beneficiaries will be forwarded to Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust along with contact details including mobile number.
    • Accounts of Army Central Welfare Fund (Corpuses) are being audited on completion of each Financial Year, and the utilization certificate duly audited will be forwarded to the Trust for our records.

Note : Decision of the Trust will be final.