Nehru Scholarships (1990)

Nehru Scholarship Scheme is applicable to Children studying in government/Private Schools.

Eligibility criteria:
  1. Children of parents having annual income up to Rs. 5 Lakhs*
  2. Orphans
  3. Children of widows having no source of income
  4. Children of disabled/handicapped persons.
  5. Others

The certificate of income of the parents from the employer or an affidavit duly attested by Notary Public has to be submitted along with prescribed application form (Annexure A), duly recommended by the Head of the School.

Note: Not more than 2 scholarships will be given in one family.

Utilization of Scholarships

The scholarship amount will be utilized for educational needs of the students like purchase of text books, uniforms & school fees etc. under the supervision of the School Principal.

Rate of Scholarships:
Primary Section Rs.1800/- per annum.
Middle Section Rs.2400/- per annum
High classes Rs.3000/- per annum
Sr. Sec. Classes Rs.3600/- per annum
Procedure for Nehru Scholarship
  1. Nehru Scholarship Application Forms are sent to the concerned schools for completion in the month of March every year.
  2. On receipt of Application Forms of new students from the various schools, the particulars are properly scrutinized.
  3. Generally, each school is granted scholarships as per the following slab system.
    1. (i) Schools in Urban Areas
      Strength of School Number of Scholarships to be sanctioned
      1 – 200 4
      201 – 400 8
      401 – 800 10
      801 – 1200 12
      1200+ 15
      (ii) Schools in the Rural Areas
      Strength of School Number of Scholarships to be sanctioned
      1 – 200 8
      201 – 400 12
      401 – 800 14
      801 – 1200 16
      1200+ 20
  4. A meeting of the Scholarship Committee is held to consider the applications of new students received from the schools. The Committee will also scrutinize the results of those students who are already recipients of Nehru Scholarships for its continuity. For continuing Nehru Scholarship, the only condition stipulated is that the scholarship will be withdrawn if the student fails in a particular class.
  5. Recommendations of the Heads of the institutions in normal circumstances are given due weightage for granting the scholarships.
  6. Members of the Scholarship Committee are to sign on the final list of the selected candidates for the award of scholarships both old and new.
  7. The Nehru Scholarships are granted to the students twice a year & cheque is issued in favor of School. First installment of continuing scholarships is given in April directly to Schools. For the new students, the first installment of scholarships is distributed during a function to be organized on the occasion of death anniversary of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru in May. 2nd installment of the scholarships to continuing as well as to new students is distributed in November on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru at the time of Sat Paul Mittal National Award function every year. Presently, Nehru Scholarships are given to the students of the following schools from Class - I to 10+2 level.

List of Schools for Nehru Scholarship

Urban Area Schools
S.No Name of School Destination
01. Govt.Primary School Haibowal Khurd
02. Govt.Primary School Narinder Nagar
03. Govt.Primary School Shahpur Road
04. Govt.Primary School Model Gram
05. Govt.Primary School Salem Tabri
06. Govt. Middle School Narinder Nagar
07. Govt.High School Brampuri, Ldh.
08. Govt.High School Kamran Road, Ldh.
09. Guru Nanak High School Sargodha Colony
10. Guru Nanak Khalsa Girls Sr.Sec School Gujarkhan Model Town,Ldh
11. B.C.M. Sr.Sec. School Focal Point, Ldh.
12. Malwa Khalsa Sr. Sec. School Model Gram
13. Bramrishi Bawra Sr.Sec.School Haibowal
14. R.S Model Sr.Sec. School Shastri Nagar, Ldh.
15. Jamuna Model Sr. Sec.School Haibowal, Ldh.
16. S.D. Girls Sr.Sec. School Purana Bazar, Ldh.
17. Kundan Vidya Mandir City Branch, Ldh.
18. Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Miller Ganj, Ldh.
19. Adarsh Public School Haibowal Khurd
20. Jawahar Lal Nehru Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School Jawahar Nagar, Ldh.
Rural Area Schools
S.No Name of School Destination
01. Govt.Primary School Jawadi
02. Govt.Primary School Karabara
03. Govt.Primary School Sareeh
04. Govt.Primary School Rattan
05. Govt.Primary School Phullanwal
06. Govt. Middle School Ramgarh (Samrala Road)
07. Govt.High School Jawadi
08. Govt.High School Daad
09. Guru Nanak High School Sunet
10. Guru Nanak Khalsa Girls Sr.Sec School Sangowal

Note: Decision of the Trust will be final.